Non-Fungible tokens (NFTs) are the ultimate intersection of art, community and the freedom that comes with permissionless interaction. What better way to pay homage than by bringing them together in a fun, social, art experiment on the blockchain?

CryptoGraf is a 1,200 x 800 pixel canvas that you, as a CryptoGraf NFT holder will be able to directly interact with and paint on. NFT holders will receive a set amount of PAINT tokens that replenish every few minutes, but they won't be enough to take over the canvas on your own. After all, what fun is painting alone?

That's right, you'll have to bring friends with you. CryptoGraf aims to bring people & communities across the blockchain space together to express the art that best represents them in this fun, social, art experiment.

We're all going to make it - pixel by pixel.


How does the canvas work?
Each CryptoGraf NFT will generate PAINT tokens every 5 minutes. The amount of PAINT tokens generated will be based on the attributes of the NFT - rarer CryptoGraf NFT bases will generate more PAINT.Come listen to us talk about how the canvas works.

What about the art?
Our artist THAT_GUY has been a graffiti artist & painter all his life. He has painted across 7 continents and even attracted the attention of authorities for some of his hit & run work.
The CryptoGraf collection includes 6 completely separate bases as well as 5 legendary (1/1) CryptoGraf called “The Fallen”.

What does the roadmap look like?
CryptoGraf is dedicated to art and the love of NFT communities and the Genesis canvas will be the first community-created NFT - a collective art expression by Solana communities! Once finalised, the canvas will be snapshot, turned into an NFT, fractionalized and then sent to the CryptoGraf community! Art by the people for the people. We will then use subsequent canvases to showcase artists, other media and the community's suggestions.

When was the mint?
6 February 2022 at 16:00 UTC

What was the cost?
5,555 CryptoGraf NFTs at 1 SOL.
190 have been reserved for the team, collaborations, giveaways and 10 legendary pieces for auction.

Is PAINT tradeable?
PAINT is tied to the website and will not be offered as a separate token.
The advent of decentralized artists
  • Blockchain has opened endless opportunities for global, permissionless interaction, from transferring money to smart contracts. It has advanced the freedom of finance. Now to advance freedom of expression.
  • At CryptoGraf we have a mission to bring together a decentralized community of anons to create art as a collective. The possibilities are endless because the artists is you! An inspirational hivemind working together in the metaverse.
  • A new frontier is being explored and we are the pioneers, we hope you're excited.
Genesis Canvas
  • Holding a CryptoGraf NFT in your wallet allows you to paint pixels on a shared canvas.
  • The canvas is large, so you'll have to work together with friends & community members to make a difference!
  • After the first 2 weeks we will take a snapshot of the canvas, turn it into an NFT, fractionalize it, and send it to everyone who contributed.
  • Subsequent canvases will be rolled out for CryptoGraf NFT holders and artists we want to showcase to unleash their creativity.

How to participate?

If you are new to Solana NFTs and would like to participate in the Cryptograf Mint or buy on secondary auction sites once it’s listed, here are 4 simple steps:

Step 1: Buy some Solana on an exchange
  • Open an account with Coinbase, Kraken, FTX or Binance. These are exchanges where you can buy Solana (SOL) which is the base currency of the blockchain
  • Search for Solana and "Buy with Cash / Fiat"
  • When you are done, you will have a balance of Solana in your account

Step 2: Download & set up your Solana Crypto wallet (“Phantom”)
  • The Phantom wallet is a web-browser plugin that enables you to interact with smart contracts on the Solana blockchain
  • Download the Phantom wallet extension in Chrome / Brave / Firefox and install it. Like Metamask for Ethereum, this is a browser plugin wallet
  • Once installed, click the phantom icon in the top right and select "Create a new wallet" and use a strong password
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: It will ask you to write down a "seed phrase". A seed phrase is a key to your wallet that should never be shared. Write it down and keep it safe and NEVER lose it. If anybody gains access to this seed phrase, they will take control of your wallet
  • When you finish this, you will have an empty wallet. Now we will need to transfer your Solana over

Step 3: Transfer SOL from the exchange to your Solana Phantom wallet
  • Your Phantom wallet has an address at the top you can copy (think of it as your bank account number that you tell people to send money to
  • Once you've copied your address go to your exchange (Coinbase / Kraken / FTX / Binance) and look for the section to withdraw / transfer your Solana to another wallet
  • Paste your Phantom address here and send the amount of SOL you'd like

Step 4: Head to the Magic Eden marketplace to buy a CryptoGraf NFT.
  • Then head to the Graffiti Board section of this website. Connect your wallet, approve and then start painting! You will need your CryptoGraf NFT in your wallet to be able to access the interactive pixel canvas.

The Team